You can store your carpets just by moving them up, heap inwards, and tying it up with two or three lashes. Keep a couple of moth balls inside the folds and ideally, store it in a cardboard tube box. It is perfect to seal it in a few plastic sacks to fend off the bugs, and also to keep it from mugginess.

Endeavor to abstain from putting away your rugs in upright position, as it may misshape its edges. It is best to lay it level on the floor. It isn’t prescribed to store your high quality mats in storm cellars and storage rooms in light of the fact that such places are inclined to creepy crawlies and vermin.

We encourage you to unroll your put away carpets at regular intervals to vacuum it. You ought to likewise check your carefully assembled floor coverings altogether for vermin that may have slithered into its heap. It is a smart thought to supplant the moth balls like clockwork, as its impact diminishes after some time.

Each time you move back your floor covering for putting away, ensure it isn’t wet or moist. Give it a chance to air dry totally, or utilize a hair dryer/blower to dry it completely before putting away it.

For silk carpets, or antique handcrafted rugs, it is prescribed to utilize cushioning underneath them, as it would expand its life and decrease wear and tear.